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Cadmium Free lamps
The pigments used to color the lamps are Cadmium based which are found to have carcinogenic effect on human health. This Cadmium is banned in EU nations, America and in other developed countries.

To meet the international standard, our own R&D team worked tirelessly and ultimately succeeded in developing Cadmium free pigments suitable for manufacturing of Electrical Lamps. This brought us the laurel of being the first and only unit in India to develop the cadmium free pigments and colored lamps made of Cadmium free pigments. This has not only helped in curbing imports but also opened up avenues to export our products to these nations.

Apart from this, the new pigment also resulted in more light with same wattage of 15 watt. Subsequently, we are able to reduce the wattage of lamps to 10 watt without drop in luminescence resulting in reduction in cost for consumers in terms of electricity. The Cadmium free pigment has made our production and maintenance workers free from health hazards. The consumers also can dispose of the used lamps without the risk of cadmium contamination of the soil and groundwater.

Through our own R&D effort, we were able to save the direct employment of about 200 people and foreign exchange equivalent to Rs. 13.50 Crore.