About Prakash
Hi voltage
Prakash Bulb Industries Pvt Ltd. is a pioneering company in the production of quality electric lamps. We are working in the field of manufacturing electric bulbs in India as well as abroad. Since its birth in the year 1968, Prakash Lites has become synonymous with Electric Light in India. After all Prakash does not only mean light but Quality Light.

Some of the special lamps that we have developed have totally replaced the import of these bulbs for application in foreign brand Refrigerators and Chandeliers, which are now manufactured by MNC’s in India.

We manufacture our own brand of CFL lamps using the Pinch Sealing technology from Korea. All the machineries used in this production are one of the most advanced CFL machineries and they are imported from Korea.

We are the first to introduce single carton packing of 45mm night lamps in India. Also we are the first to introduce Long Life Electric Lamps not just in GLS category but in 45mm night lamps too.

National and state level awards have been given to Prakash for R&D, Quality and Entrepreneurship.

Our production capacity is more than 7 million lamps per month at present. We have sufficient infrastructure to set up new production chains if we need to meet any increased demand beyond this.

If we take our total production to this date, we will be easily able to provide one lamp to each Indian.
Mr. Kamala Prasad Singh
MD & Chairman
Mr. Dharmendra Singh
Mail: dharmendra@prakash-group.com
Mr. Shailendra singh
Mail: sanjay@prakash-group.com
Mr. Vivek Vikram Singh
Mail: vivek@prakash-group.com