About Prakash
Corporate Social Responsibilities
Our CMD and other directors are a constant motivational force for our people. Their relentless effort to improve work culture, understanding people’s touch points and problems relating both the workplace as well as family has resulted in a unique situation of no labor union, no labor problem and no man-days loss.

Our factory/office area is No-Smoking-Place as we believe that only a healthy mind and body can become an asset of an organization and of course that of the nation.

We organize Blood Donation Camps in every summer months wherein most of our employees, family members of our Directors and employees take active part by donating their blood. We rank 1st on donor’s list as far as donation of blood units (230-250 units) from a Single Camp on a single day in West Bengal is concerned.

Regular interactive sessions of employees are held with professionals. Lectures and meetings are also held to motivate them to not only increase their productivity but also to improve their quality of lives. Our CMD and other directors take leading roles in these efforts.
Protection of Environment
Protection of environment from our production waste is one of our missions. We are firm on our commitment and adopted these measures:
  • Proper Effluent Treatment Plant is in place.
  • Treated water is used for gardening purpose.
  • Factory wastes are sold to respective vendors.
  • Silencers and Chimneys are installed to reduce air & noise pollution.